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JetCom Covid-19 Relief Programs

Creative Financial & Technical Solutions

For Our Hospitality Industry Partners

JetCom Smart Communications

Helping Turn

 Adversity Into Opportunity

    How can you keep control of your cash flow during the Covid-19 crisis AND install a new phone system, or upgrade your existing one? Impossible? Not with our ZERO DOWN / NO PAYMENTS FOR SIX MONTHS PROGRAM. JetCom will install a top-quality PBX phone system customized for your property with absolutely no upfront, out-of-pocket costs, and no payments for the first six months. The current crisis won't last forever. When its over you'll be positioned to provide a superior guest experience and your staff will have the tools they need for top efficiency and productivity. Want to learn more about this win-win program? CONTACT US FOR DETAILS
    If your property is still using traditional POTS or T1/PRI phone lines JetCom may be able to significantly reduce your monthly phone costs without sacrificing service or system capability. All it takes is a quick FREE REVIEW of your current phone bill. JetCom has a number of money-saving solutions which are even easier and faster to implement now, when your property may be closed or experiencing very low occupancy rates. There are very few upsides to the current Covid-19 crisis, but one is the ability of JetCom to quickly and easily determine how much we can save you on your monthly phone bill, and then implement an appropriate cost-saving solution without disrupting day-to-day operations. Reducing costs and keeping them predictable is super-important today - JetCom is here to help. CONTACT US FOR DETAILS
    If your property is partially or completely shut down and you have key staff members and management working from home, JetCom can help. We can set up an integrated voice system service for your off-site management and staff so they can still function as a team, stay connected and keep your business running. Even under the current circumstances important decisions don't wait and guests still demand service and answers. JetCom will keep the lines of communication open between management, staff and guests so you remain operational and responsive. Installation and activation are 100% FREE and there are no service charges for 3 months, and there is no obligation for purchasing anything. The Covid-19 crisis represents unprecedented challenges for the hospitality industry. JetCom believes we are stronger together. Our free off-site staff set-up is just one way you can partner with JetCom so we can both come out stronger and more competitive than ever. Want to learn more about how JetCom can help you keep in touch? CONTACT US FOR DETAILS
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