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IP & Voice Solutions
for Your Industry

Jetcom understands that in order to craft intelligent solutions for a client's telecommunications needs, you need to really take the time to LISTEN and LEARN about the inner workings of that client's business, and make the effort to really analyze and understand the day-to-day, real-world demands the client experiences.


Since 1999 Jetcom Communications has specialized in immersing itself in the unique needs of the hotel and hospitality industry. We fully appreciate the dual nature of satisfying the day-to-day operational requirements of a property, as well as what it takes to satisfy the HSIA, in-room needs and telecommunications requirements of hotel guests. 

Jetcom knows what your staff experiences every day, and gives them the tools they need to operate at peak efficiency. We also understand what your guests expect, and give you the products and services you need to exceed their needs and expectations.

Hospitality, Law Firms, SMB, Insurance,
Financial and Schools

Jetcom has taken that same ability to study, learn and understand a specific industry's unique set of telecommunication requirements and transferred them into the following industries:

- Local, State and Federal Government Entities.

- Banking, Insurance & Financial Services.

- Schools, Colleges and Universities.

- Light Industrial.

- Energy & Utilities.

- Fortune 500

- Entrepreneurial Start-Ups

- Main Street USA Small-To-Medium Sized Businesses.

We take a deep-dive into each client and the industry in which they operate to bring to them the most cost-efficient, operationally effective solutions available.

Hospitality Industry Experts.
 Clients Throughout The NY Metro Area.
Servicing A Diverse Clientele
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