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PBX Systems

Jetcom's leverages all of its hospitality industry experience to bring you feature-rich voice communications tailored to meet the unique demands of the hotel environment. Jetcom systems are based on cutting-edge IP technology and state-of-the-art design. We offer a full range of communication choices to cover every requirement, from small single-site properties to IP networking, phones, conference units, and applications across multiple hospitality properties, corporate headquarters, remote offices, and employee home offices. These solutions are designed to be scalable to address current as well as future communication needs of hotels of every size. 

Our systems offer compact, modular designs, feature-rich voice communications, centralized management, high levels of scalability and seamless networking capabilities.  Whether you have ten employees in a boutique hotel, or hundreds spread across a large resort complex, Jetcom delivers the advanced capabilities your business demands.

We sell and service the following award winning PBX brands:  

  • Gray Matter- Brain Box

  • ComXchange

  • Alcatel- Lucent

  • Mitel with PCC partnership

  • Hitachi

  • Iwatsu


*Available through Jetcom’s partnership with Pinnacle Communications

Jetcom's advanced PBX systems, designed and configured for hotel applications, will help enhance the guest experience and improve staff productivity and efficiency.

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