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We Make Your Life Easier

Here's how Jetcom Communications ensures the smooth operations of your facility or property, and contributes to increased guest satisfaction:


- We work closely with every client to discover exactly what products and services will best match their unique set of requirements, and design our systems to exceed their expectations. 

Deep telecommunications industry knowledge matched with hands-on hospitality industry experience mean we design systems that perform and work in the real world. 

- We understand the telecommunications requirement for the hospitality industry is two-fold: peak operational efficiency for employees and staff while providing the highest level of guest services available for the ultimate HSIA / voice & data guest experience.

- We pride ourselves on flawless installations, professional training and industry-best service and support. Jetcom’s quality services ensure customers receive quick problem resolution through Remote Access Diagnostics (R.A.D.).

Jetcom Communications provides seamless integration of owner-operated and guest-oriented telecommunications systems for hotels and hotel management companies throughout the Greater New York Metro Area and around the country.  

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