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Voice & IP
Experts / 70+
Years of Combined
Real-World Hospitality Industry Experience.
Best-In-Class Customer Support.

Why Choose 



DEEP INDUSTRY KNOWLEDGE. The leadership team at Jetcom has over 70 years of combined telecommunications industry experience, and our key players have been working together since 1999.  We've seen it, done it SOLVED it, so we KNOW how to design, implement, install, and trouble-shoot a system that meets your specifications, performs beyond expectations and is right the first time - for employees as well as your guests.


WE KNOW YOUR BUSINESS. We know the unique telecom demands of the hospitality industry, and we've been a leader in it since 1999. We've seen the industry change, evolve and grow, so we understand how to meet those needs today and into the future. Our personnel know the details of the hotel and hospitality world inside and out - full-service or specialized resort, luxury, boutique or select-service hotel - we understand the requirements and needs of your employees and the demands and expectations of your guests. We design systems that meet your needs today and as you grow and want to add additional services tomorrow and far into the future.


24/7/365 CUSTOMER SUPPORT AND SERVICE. Jetcom offers best-in-class service and support for all of our sites and installations. We understand the critical nature of what we do, and how, if there is an issue or a problem, you - and your guests - simply can't wait. Jetcom’s quality services ensure customers receive quick problem resolution through Remote Access Diagnostics (R.A.D.) We know we're providing an essential service upon which hotel operations and guest satisfaction depends. When it comes to service and support, there is "No Tomorrow" with Jetcom - only Right Now!"

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